About me

Hi! Welcome to the Scottish nutritionist.

10502367_10154419819840171_3106096668552861189_nThis website is really just a blog for my ramblings, but you might find some information to help with areas of sports nutrition that you are interested in. You will find information on various aspects of the diet including vitamins, macronutrients, hydration and supplementation, and a lot of pictures of food.

I wrote my final year undergraduate dissertation on the diets for speed and stamina and got hooked on the fact that taking a bit of notice to your diet can make a significant difference to your performance at any level. This led me to where I am now, with post-graduate qualifications in Public Health Nutrition and Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a PhD in human nutrition and functional foods.

I believe that introducing the concept of sports nutrition at a young age will help the athletes in the future, whether they continue and progress in their disciplines or move on to other things. My time as assistant coach at Edinburgh Athletics really emphasised this. I was also the nutritionist for ‘Built for Sport’, a small business providing training programmes for high school-aged boys looking to develop their rugby skills.

Most recently, I was introduced into the world of team sports as performance nutritionist for Edinburgh Academicals rugby team. Accies are an amateur club but at the top of their game in the Scottish Premiership. I worked with Accies for three seasons and am still a regular supporter.

My masters in Public Health Nutrition gave me the skills required for dietary assessment, weight management programmes and nutrition for all age groups and a strong knowledge of food groups, clinical science and epidemiology.

I love to cook (and eat) and I enjoy nothing more than writing about all the benefits of the foods that make up my favourite recipes. Check out my blog page for stories about food, my favourite recipes, working out in Edinburgh and some science thrown in as well.