Gazpacho in the garden

I’ve never really been one for a cold soup but I arrived home at the weekend to this and slurped it in the sunshine – it was just the ticket. Taken from an incredibly old (1976) book of Spanish regional cookery, it is a traditional recipe that you just can’t go wrong with; fresh, quick, […]


On Thursday night it was Edinburgh Accies rugby team’s turn to have a little think about their diets going into pre-season. The strength and conditioning coaches were there going over pre-season training, both in the gym and on the field. It sounded demanding, gruelling and just downright hard for the guys after a very brief […]

World Cup fever

The latest Guardian food article describes the types of foods that teams in the world cup are carting around with them from home. When travelling for competition, it is important that players are comfortable and their menus and food plans aren’t altered in the lead up to matches. The climate of Brazil will dictate food […]

The courgetti craze

There’s not much that can beat spaghetti bolognese and my dad makes a cracker. I was sent back to the city with lots of leftover sauce and decided to give courgetti a try to go with it. I’ll admit I was dubious but it went down a treat. You really need one of those julienne […]

So you wanna be a boxer?

Today I’m givingĀ  a little talk to a group of young, up-and-coming boxers for the Institute of Sport. Boxing nutrition can be a dangerous game but gone are the days of boxers letting their weight shoot up between competitive bouts and paying little attention to their diet. As sports nutrition develops and athletes become more […]

Donut peaches

I found these gems in the little shop downstairs, one of my all time favourites that reminds me of holidays in the south of France. Deliciously sweet and juicy, you probably need to have 2 to get one of your five a day as they’re only little, but just try and stop at 2! Take […]

Anti-inflammatory diet

I was asked yesterday about an anti-inflammatory diet for arthritis. For conditions such as this there are a few things you can do with your diet to hopefully ease some symptoms: cut out refined sugar cut out processed foods go wholegrain rather than white for things like pasta, rice, cereal and bread increase intake of […]

Pea, mint and chilli soup with feta

This recipe is from a book called ‘Natural born fillers‘ by Silvana Franco and it is a winner. Unbelievably quick to make and the simple ingredients make it spicy, salty, fresh and sweet all at the same time! And of course, very healthy. Ingredients to serve 4: 1 onion, chopped 1 red chilli, chopped 3 […]


5 reasons why you should start your day with a grapefruit: rich in vitamin C for the immune system high in antioxidants (lycopene), helping to prevent prostate and other cancers low GI and very low calorie helps reduce bouts of wheezing in asthma-prone people cholesterol-lowering properties   And generally all round tasty and refreshing! Careful […]

A thoroughly beany affair

Sometimes it’s nice to lose the meat and opt for a hearty veggie meal instead. This 3/4/5 bean chilli gives you all the protein you could need with the added hit of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas are particularly rich in magnesium and folate (find out more here) and kidney beans pack a high zinc […]