Dippy eggs

Need a quick, light and healthy meal? Or a delicious brunch? Perfect for sharing? Here you go! Nutritious and protein-rich eggs on a bed of homemade tomato sauce, with some (preferably) homemade bread to dip in. Try baking some bread of your own with some of these recipes. Tomato sauce is really rich in the […]

The mid-afternoon slump

Isn’t it a nuisance. That post-lunch dip that gets you reaching for the biscuit or chocolate bar. But step away my friend, and have a think about what you are having for your lunch. There are things you can do here to prevent that energy failure and make your afternoons much more productive. If you […]

Salad jars

I saw this idea recently and think it’s fantastic! Salad in a jar. No mess, no exploding boxes and easy to transport! It allows you to dress the bits that need a bit of moisture but keep leaves, nuts and seeds etc. fresh at the top. They keep well for a couple of days in […]

Broad bean and feta frittata

A frittata is the perfect base for pretty much anything you have in the fridge or growing in abundance in the garden. This high protein, fresh and healthy dish is super quick and easy and is great as a leftover lunch. Broad beans are really high in fibre and contain the flavonoid quercetin, beta-carotene, vitamins […]

Courgette, basil and parmesan soup

This is one of my favourite soups and is perfect at this time of year to use up the glut of courgettes in the garden. It’s a superb Martin Wishart recipe, who has a restaurant in Edinburgh and also holds cook schools, allowing you to spend a day in the kitchen cooking and eating. I […]

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

I thought I needed a dose of oily fish and omega 3 and unfortunately the only thing kicking around in my cupboards was sardines. I’m not their biggest fan so made a big pot of spicy, tangy, juicy puttanesca sauce to hide them in! If you’re a fan of hiding sardines in olives, capers and […]

Baking your own bread

Baking your own bread allows you to get rid of all the nasties, tweak it to how you like it and gives you a great sense of achievement (and fills your house with that lovely freshly baked bread smell). My first loaf last week was made due to a desire to get rid of things […]

Beetroot juice and exercise

My final essay for my Sports Nutrition post-grad was on beetroot and sport performance, which turned out to be such an interesting topic. Everything in this field is relatively new and more and more research is being carried out all the time. Beetroot has long been a remedy for high blood pressure, with the elderly […]

Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is a lot of fun and much harder than expected! Meadowlark off the meadows  have just started classes and they are going down a storm. Aerial yoga is said to boost circulation and remove compression from the spine. It also aids traditional yoga postures, helping you master those poses just out of reach […]

The Scottish breakfast

Last week I was asked to contribute a little bit of nutritional information about the Scottish breakfast for an article in the Scottish Sun. It was a follow-up feature on the breakfast that the athletes at the Commonwealth Games are tucking in to (apparently!) and whether or not it will be doing any good. The […]