Kombucha – making my own

Kombucha seems to be everywhere at the moment, even in Edinburgh. I first tried it in London, where these new things always seem to start, from Whole Foods as you could probably guess. But now there’s a company in Glasgow making the stuff and doing very well at it it seems (Clever Kombucha). Kombucha is […]

An update on the year so far

Hello! We’ve hit May, goodness actually almost coming to the end of it, so I wanted to do a little update since I’ve not really been blogging since my little adventure through the River Cottage Everyday cookbook. I’ve neglected the blog and I’ve barely posted anything on social media, so this post is really to […]

A day at Colstoun Cookery School

A very, very, very belated birthday present for the boy finally came around when we drove the snowy roads to Colstoun House near Haddington. I had signed us up to a game cookery day, as it seemed right up his street, and Colstoun looked the perfect location for it. We were thrown into it straight […]

My year of River Cottage Everyday recipes

I bet anyone who works their way through a recipe book in a year will say that they can’t believe that a year has passed already. I think my first couple of recipes came after a jaunt through Marchmont, Edinburgh in a hunt for some fruit and vegetable shops, which kick-started my enjoyment in buying […]

The final recipes

I’m a little late in sharing the last couple of recipes from the River Cottage Everyday book, but I cooked them over the festive period and they were both great. The first was another roast pork recipe, Christmas’d up with a chestnut stuffing. I think I’d always thought that stuffing was meat based, as we […]

Christmas baked apples

I pottered around the kitchen yesterday afternoon fitting in a couple more recipes – it’s almost the end of my year of cooking! The mixed mushroom tart cheered up a solo Sunday lunch time, especially with all the parsley I put in it. I think I’ve got the knack of frying mushrooms now – pop […]

Trying something new – Jerusalem artichokes

The Jerusalem artichoke salad was one of the recipes from River Cottage Everyday that I was excited about, as it meant a first try. I hadn’t a clue where to buy the artichokes from, as had never seen one before, but the trusty Grainer Market in Newcastle came through for me. It’s clearly not something […]

The perfect roast pork belly and potatoes

Let’s get the bad one out of the way first. The spiced fig compote didn’t taste as nice as it sounded. The recipe said to soak the dried figs for a couple of hours beforehand, but this seemed to leech all of the taste out of the figs. And even though I used the soaking liquid in […]

A pre-Christmas cake

A bit of weekend baking was just the ticket. I have made a Christmas cake already, which is full of brandy and ready to be iced, and this recipe is almost as fruity. It all felt very healthy, with wholemeal spelt flour as the base, and it was packed full of figs, apricots and prunes. […]

Happy 1st of December!

Advent calendar time is here so I thought it was about time I added some more recipes on here. Just two today, and easy ones. With just my iPhone, my pictures do tend to get worse at this time of you, as the natural light just isn’t there to bring my pictures to life. Apologies! […]