Veggie and not-so-veggie

My pastry attempt would have got a big fat no on the Bake Off. I thought it was all going so well in the blind baking and it seemed like a good dough, but it all went wrong with a soggy bottom. Never mind, will just get practicing. The pastry was for a leek and […]

Another recipe catch up

We are getting there! The colder weather has given me the opportunity to do some of the winter warmers in the River Cottage Everyday book. I love nothing more than pottering around the kitchen for a few hours with recipes that take that little bit longer to cook. I started off with a slightly quicker […]

The Ship on the Shore, Leith

A couple of Sundays ago, my chap and I ticked another Edinburgh restaurant off our list of places to go. The Ship on the Shore is just where you expect it to be, pride of place along the waterfront in Leith. Whenever I’ve seen people sitting at the outside tables with a glass of wine […]

Autumn apples

If you look a little further than the supermarket shelves, you can find British apples pretty much all the way through from August to May. I wasn’t planning on dookin’ or making toffee apples this Halloween, instead choosing a couple of recipes from my River Cottage Everyday book to warm us up. The first was […]

Going old school with cauliflower cheese

Something that this recipe challenge has been great for is ideas for exciting side dishes. The boy always has some meat in the house but it’s usually up to me to do the accompaniments. When something substantial was in order, I went for a hearty cauliflower cheese and a pop of goodness from roasted squash. […]

Going green

Just a couple of recipes to share from my recipe challenge. I really couldn’t have picked a better book than River Cottage Everyday for the variety. As we come into Autumn, I tried to squeeze in a couple more summery recipes before the cold set in. Spiced and seedy green beans made a great side, […]

Foodies abroad

As a foodie, holidays are for trying local cuisine. We took a wee trip abroad last month, taking in the sights of Nice, Turin and Milan and finding as many local dishes as we could. In Nice, we tried some lunchtime favourites – socca, a local fast food pancake type thing made from chickpea flour, […]

Is it still summer?

  Last time I checked it was still August, so I’m still on the salads. I opted for a more substantial ‘salad’ for my dinner a few nights ago, or as the boy liked to call it, a “side”. Broccoli, chorizo and soft boiled eggs – winner. I don’t often boil broccoli these days, I much […]

Fish frenzy

I must admit that I’m not a huge fish eater. I rarely order it in a restaurant (meat is always first choice) and I don’t cook it often enough. Tinned mackerel is probably the most common fishy offering, but I can’t claim mackerel on toast as a recipe go to. Seafood is my absolute favourite, […]

Onion bhajis on a Saturday afternoon

This recipe challenge has certainly taken me out of my cooking comfort zone and also allowed me to use up those random ingredients that have been sitting in the back of the cupboard. A half-empty bag of gram flour? Let’s make bhajis! It must come as a bit of a shock when I go the shop to […]