ISAK qualification

Well this took a long time in coming! Nice to receive this through Edinburgh Accies at the weekend. The rugby club were great in letting me practice on them, and I have been able to use my anthropometry skills throughout the season. I am hoping that my skills will also be useful in my research, […]

Beetroot and chocolate cake

It would be a wrong of me not to have a chocolate and beetroot recipe on here wouldn’t it. This was originally planned as brownies, but I think it makes a better cake or loaf. The original recipe is one from River Cottage, but I’ve made a few changes along the way. The chocolate is […]

Nutritional considerations for basketball

Last week I headed west to Stirling to talk to the Stirling Knights basketball team (@Stirling_BBall) about their nutrition. It was really nice to be approached by the coach and to be able to help offer a more well-rounded knowledge base to compliment their training programmes. Stirling Knights compete at national level and they are […]


It may just seem like a humble spice that goes in your curry, but it’s a powerhouse of nutrients. One teaspoon of turmeric provides 26% of your daily manganese requirements, 16% of your iron, 5% of your potassium, and 3% of your vitamin C. The active substance in turmeric believed to hold many health benefits […]

Buckwheat and banana muffins

It’s not often that I’ll look for a baking recipe and not need to buy more than 2 extra ingredients. The mixture for this recipe also happened to be the quickest and easiest. Ever. The recipe is adapted from “Top with Cinnamon” by Izy Hossack, a blogger turned author, and was the perfect way to […]

West Highland Way Race presentation night

For anyone brave enough to take on the challenge of the West Highland Way Race, good on ya! The organiser’s held a little ‘inspiration and information’ evening last week and I was lucky enough to be invited along to talk nutrition. I love the running community and, especially for a race such as this, everybody […]

Dim Sum

There’s a great little spot in Newcastle, tucked away in Chinatown, for a quick and delicious lunch. iNoodle. I’m sure I’ve had ‘dim sum’ before (traditionally small bite-sized portions served in steamer baskets), and I’m always a fan of dumplings, but something new was the steamed pork buns that I had last time I went. […]

Beetroot relish

I have made this at Christmas time for the last couple of years, and it always goes down a treat. It’s lovely with cheese, meat, fish and many other things…being a little bit sweet and sharp. It’s a very simple recipe, taken from BBC food. It requires no chopping but your hands will get a […]

Meadowlark Healthy for Sport open day, Saturday 9th Jan

On Saturday 9th Jan, Meadowlark Healthy for Sport will be opening their doors from 10.15am until 2.30pm for free sessions on a variety of therapies offered at the clinic. Sign up for the presentations using this link or pop down to Argyle Place for free taster sessions during the day. The current programme is as […]

Healthy for Sport Q&A

I have been resident sports nutritionist at Meadowlark Healthy for Sport since its inception back in March. MHFS is the perfect ‘one stop shop’ for everything sports related and has the added bonus of being associated with a fantastic yoga studio, Meadowlark. At the healthy for sport clinic you can see a sports doctor, physiotherapist, […]