Beetroot relish

I have made this at Christmas time for the last couple of years, and it always goes down a treat. It’s lovely with cheese, meat, fish and many other things…being a little bit sweet and sharp. It’s a very simple recipe, taken from BBC food. It requires no chopping but your hands will get a […]

Meadowlark Healthy for Sport open day, Saturday 9th Jan

On Saturday 9th Jan, Meadowlark Healthy for Sport will be opening their doors from 10.15am until 2.30pm for free sessions on a variety of therapies offered at the clinic. Sign up for the presentations using this link or pop down to Argyle Place for free taster sessions during the day. The current programme is as […]

Healthy for Sport Q&A

I have been resident sports nutritionist at Meadowlark Healthy for Sport since its inception back in March. MHFS is the perfect ‘one stop shop’ for everything sports related and has the added bonus of being associated with a fantastic yoga studio, Meadowlark. At the healthy for sport clinic you can see a sports doctor, physiotherapist, […]

SENr showcase, Murrayfield

A couple of Fridays ago I had the pleasure of attending a day of talks hosted by the British Dietetic Association and the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). Some of the best sports/performance nutritionists, all in one room. We had presentations from key researchers in protein requirements, omega 3s and hydration, the nutrition team […]

Crossfit Murrayfield nutrition talk

A big thank you to Crossfit Murrayfield for having me across to chat about nutrition. I haven’t done a lot of Crossfit, just the odd class here and there, but I really enjoy the workout and sense of community. A lot of online advice about “nutrition for Crossfit” alludes to a strict ‘Zone diet’ or […]

Truffles, but not as you know them

These came about from an experiment in the kitchen with one of my friends, who happens to be a dietician and fellow foodie! We clubbed together store cupboard ingredients and came up with a healthier alternative to those addictive little truffles we all know and love. The following ingredients make around 10 truffles: 50g quinoa, […]


Potassium is an electrolyte – those things you lose when you sweat. It’s a really important mineral and is not only found in bananas! There isn’t a recommended daily amount (RDA) for potassium but it has many uses in the body. supports functioning of muscle and nerves helps to balance body fluids helps to prevent […]

Meat-free Mondays – caponata

This is my favourite vegetarian recipe at the moment. Deliciously hearty sans meat and perfect for cold November evenings. Caponata is a traditional Sicilian dish and there are many, many recipes out there. The mainstay is aubergine and it is classically a sweet and sour dish. Some recipes call for celery, red peppers or courgettes […]


It makes your bones grow strongerer… Calcium is found in abundance in our bones and teeth – these store 99% of our body’s sources. The remaining 1% floats around in fluids and body tissues, helping the body with blood clotting and muscle contraction. Calcium also aids the function of digestive enzymes and works synergistically with […]

Cook House, Newcastle

I was supposed to move to Newcastle at the end of September but everything PhD wise has been really delayed. HOWEVER, all the travelling back and forward hasn’t been too bad, as we found a new lunch spot – Cook House. It was thoroughly miserable outside and we literally ran there with umbrellas, so the […]