A day at Colstoun Cookery School

A very, very, very belated birthday present for the boy finally came around when we drove the snowy roads to Colstoun House near Haddington.

A snowy Colstoun

I had signed us up to a game cookery day, as it seemed right up his street, and Colstoun looked the perfect location for it. We were thrown into it straight away and sent towards a pile of pigeons ready to be plucked and “drawn”.

Pigeon plucking

The rest of the morning was spent watching a cooking demonstration and sipping on sloe gin, a bit of taste testing and then cracking on with the dishes ourselves. This was going to be our lunch, so hunger was our incentive to get it right!

Our mission was roasted grouse, celeriac, mini pear tatin and winter greens. And of course a good sauce.

The mini pear tatin was something neither of us expected, but my sweet tooth loved it, even with grouse and greens. Even the “out of context fruit” boy ate it up.

Pudding was a steamed bramble pudding, which was made for us, and we got to take ours home. My second ever attempt at a steamed pudding, and it was much better than the first!

Steamed bramble pudding

After a brisk walk in the snow and some tea and flapjack, we were back in the kitchen making rabbit rillettes and preparing our pigeon for a spelt and butternut squash salad.

We packed up our sauces, sponges, squash and spelt and headed home, thoroughly excited for our next meal.

A warm pigeon salad with spelt grains, roasted butternut squash, bramble dressing, toasted hazelnuts and green. Just delicious.

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