banana oat thickie

It makes your bones grow strongerer…

Calcium is found in abundance in our bones and teeth – these store 99% of our body’s sources. The remaining 1% floats around in fluids and body tissues, helping the body with blood clotting and muscle contraction. Calcium also aids the function of digestive enzymes and works synergistically with magnesium to regulate nerve impulses.

RDA: 800mg

Top sources: milk, yoghurt, green beans, dried figs, sardines in oil, sesame seeds, cheddar cheese, tofu

Vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium in the body and may be a beneficial supplement during the winter months, especially those living in Scotland!

It is possible to have too much calcium and excessive intakes can lead to calcium being deposited in the kidneys and on artery walls.

Try out recipes like this banana and oat thickie for boost of calcium…


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