Everyone’s favourite meal of the day, right? Breakfast means different things to different people. It might be a coffee on the run, overnight oats on the train or at my desk (that’s me, hi) or a proper sit-down meal with the family. This new phase of intermittent fasting might mean that breakfast is actually at lunchtime, or 3pm, and might be a salad or a sandwich or other “non-breakfast” food. It’s generally accepted that a higher protein breakfast, because of the satiety factor, helps keep you full until lunch, if you want to make it that long without snacking. That’s where eggs usually come in handy. I love spending time making breakfast at the weekends, but a weekday breakfast is a much simpler affair, and sometimes I even skip it. There are a few different things here, but I’ll be sure to add more!

Breakfast recipes:

Rye soda bread, Tattie scones, Gluten-free pancakes, Stewed apple, Breakfast smoothie, Ricotta hot cakes

Some good additions to your breakfast:


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