Continuing the Sicilian foodie adventure…Six by Nico

I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of Six by Nico by now. The restaurant concept was started by Nico Simeone in Glasgow, and has now been fully embraced by the Edinburgh crowds nestled into Hanover Street. As the name suggests, diners are served 6 courses for a set price. Nothing out of […]


I’m getting a bit tired of salads for lunch now, so I’m reaching for something a little bit warmer. Soup, of course, is a good option, and I’ll be making my favourite courgette soup a lot in the next few months I’m sure. But I also wanted a little bit of spice, so today is […]

At home with Honey and Co

Honey and Co. are the loveliest couple and they are currently on a wee tour of Britain to promote their latest book “at home”. I was lucky enough to catch them at Mainstreet Trading Company in St Boswells, where they hold lots of events and have the most wonderful book shop and cafe. This husband […]

Kombucha – making my own

Kombucha seems to be everywhere at the moment, even in Edinburgh. I first tried it in London, where these new things always seem to start, from Whole Foods as you could probably guess. But now there’s a company in Glasgow making the stuff and doing very well at it it seems (Clever Kombucha). Kombucha is […]

An update on the year so far

Hello! We’ve hit May, goodness actually almost coming to the end of it, so I wanted to do a little update since I’ve not really been blogging since my little adventure through the River Cottage Everyday cookbook. I’ve neglected the blog and I’ve barely posted anything on social media, so this post is really to […]

Going green

Just a couple of recipes to share from my recipe challenge. I really couldn’t have picked a better book than River Cottage Everyday for the variety. As we come into Autumn, I tried to squeeze in a couple more summery recipes before the cold set in. Spiced and seedy green beans made a great side, […]

A winning dish so far

Last week I made 2 recipes from the River Cottage Everyday book. One turned into a quick, mid-week dinner and the other was a slow and lazy weekend treat. I had a lot of parsley kicking around so I opted for a parsley pesto to jazz up my pasta. Brown bread crumbs, cheese, garlic and […]

Pizzas, rhubarb and a Monday treat

I’m a little behind at the moment, not because I haven’t been cooking (honest!), but because I haven’t been able to make my website work properly! Looking back to the past few weeks, I’ve made quite a few recipes from the River Cottage book, so I’ll do a little catch up from the start of […]


It may just seem like a humble spice that goes in your curry, but it’s a powerhouse of nutrients. One teaspoon of turmeric provides 26% of your daily manganese requirements, 16% of your iron, 5% of your potassium, and 3% of your vitamin C. The active substance in turmeric believed to hold many health benefits […]

West Highland Way Race presentation night

For anyone brave enough to take on the challenge of the West Highland Way Race, good on ya! The organiser’s held a little ‘inspiration and information’ evening last week and I was lucky enough to be invited along to talk nutrition. I love the running community and, especially for a race such as this, everybody […]