Foodie travels – Bordeaux and the Basque Country

Our late summer holiday this year was a little tour of the south of France. Although our main stays were Biarritz and Bordeaux, we visited Arcachon, St Jean de Luz and San Sebastian in the week that we were away. After flying into Bordeaux, Arcachon was a flying visit for lunch on the beach for […]

A Sicilian foodie adventure

I’ve checked Sicily off the list now. It’s been somewhere I’ve wanted visit for a long time, mostly after reading the Inspector Montalbano books by Andrea Camilleri. I can’t deny that most of the time my reason for wanting to visit a country or city is for the food, and Montalbano is just as interested […]

Foodies abroad

As a foodie, holidays are for trying local cuisine. We took a wee trip abroad last month, taking in the sights of Nice, Turin and Milan and finding as many local dishes as we could. In Nice, we tried some lunchtime favourites – socca, a local fast food pancake type thing made from chickpea flour, […]

Week 1/2 of the recipe challenge

I think I got off to a good start last week. I popped into a little fruit and veg shop in Marchmont (something that I don’t do nearly enough) and picked up a few bits like celeriac, parsnips, leeks and thyme, before heading home to get going with some recipes. First off was celeriac soup, […]

Dim Sum

There’s a great little spot in Newcastle, tucked away in Chinatown, for a quick and delicious lunch. iNoodle. I’m sure I’ve had ‘dim sum’ before (traditionally small bite-sized portions served in steamer baskets), and I’m always a fan of dumplings, but something new was the steamed pork buns that I had last time I went. […]

A foodie day in Newcastle

I went to Newcastle to get stuff done – sign my tenancy agreement and pick up a key for my new flat and speak to my PhD supervisor – but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t take regular breaks and enjoy foodie highlights of Newcastle. First stop was Cafe Royal, somewhere I go pretty much every […]

PhD here I come!

Exciting times! In October, I will be starting a research PhD on beetroot and health parameters in older adults at Northumbria University. I’ve been interested in beetroot for a while, as some of you may know from my ramblings on the topic (see here), so thought this was the perfect next step in my nutrition […]

Keeping afternoon energy levels up

We all know the feeling; that urge to reach for something sweet come 3pm when our energy levels are at a low. The mid-afternoon slump happens when our blood sugar dips after peaking at lunchtime and is a natural process in our day-to-day metabolism. But don’t panic that there is nothing that we can do […]

FAB research seminar, 25th June

Last week I went along to a seminar by FAB research: feeding better behaviour, learning and mood: the gut, brain and nutrition connection. Being a member of the Association for Nutrition allows me to attend seminars like this and they are usually ones that haven’t been on my radar. This means that I always end […]

All about anthropometry

Last week I attended a level 1 training course in anthropometry to become accredited with the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, or ISAK to you and me. Anthropometry is “a simple reliable method for quantifying body size and proportions by measuring body length, width, circumference and skinfold thickness”. It can be used to […]