A winning dish so far

Last week I made 2 recipes from the River Cottage Everyday book. One turned into a quick, mid-week dinner and the other was a slow and lazy weekend treat. I had a lot of parsley kicking around so I opted for a parsley pesto to jazz up my pasta. Brown bread crumbs, cheese, garlic and […]

Some fancy eggs and soldiers

Eggs are a bit of a go-to for a quick dinner for me, as I’m sure they are for many people. I’ve had a few failed attempts at a hollandaise recently (after getting it spot on first time), so when the River Cottage book suggested eggs and soldiers with a twist I had to try it.

The soldiers took the form of asparagus spears, and a little butter and white wine vinegar added to a runny yolk made for a hollandaise-type affair. Pretty good I’d say.

I try to get my omega 3 from oily fish, normally opting for salmon or tinned mackerel, but I went for a smoked mackerel pate this time. I forgot to buy dill so the colour is lacking a little, but I added lots of lemon juice so the taste was great.

Another of the recipes that had been on my radar from the start was a chicken pasty. Crispy pastry, creamy chicken, and I went for courgette instead of leeks. I could do with perfecting my crimping…

Goodbye April

I'm finding that working my way through the River Cottage Everyday book is helping me be a bit more seasonal with my cooking. I'm looking for spring recipes and therefore picking up what's in season from the shops. That meant lots of rhubarb!

Working backwards, the last of my rhubarb bounty went into a clafoutis tonight. It was something entirely new to me but I really liked it. It was like a sweet, custardy yorkshire pudding; what's not to like. I roasted the rhubarb in orange juice, which gave it a really nice flavour.

Before the clafoutis I made a recipe that I've been wanting to do for a while - dab in a bap. I used plaice instead, because it was the only flat fish I could find. Lettuce, caper mayonnaise and a soft roll made a really nice home for the lightly fried fish. Definitely one to try.

I didn't do so well with a "chorizo" meatball carbonara. The idea was to make my own chorizo of sorts with pork and spices, but it just didn't turn out right. I clearly didn't add enough paprika as there wasn't the bright red hue normally associated with chorizo, and there wasn't really much flavour. The pork mince turned into a nice pasta dish regardless, perfect for carbing up before the boy's rugby match. I, of course, added a load of parsley.

I went for something a little lighter earlier in the week, with a beetroot and goat's cheese salad. I added some extras in roasted broccoli, croutons and grilled courgette, but it was all still drizzled in a mustard dressing.

I'll stop there for now, more recipes to come tomorrow....



The final frittata

Just a mini one today while I catch up after a lovely trip to Italy last week. Yes, the food was glorious. The third of the frittata recipes in the River Cottage Everyday was frittata nicoise. Now, I’m not a big potato fan, especially in places where I feel they don’t belong (curries). However, I […]

A great curry and a first attempt at sourdough

Middle of March already, goodness. It must have been a good few weeks ago that I attempted my first sourdough starter. I used wholemeal bread flour, added a little water, and let it do its thing. The starter began fermenting very quickly, helped along by the wholemeal I’m told. I fed the starter for about […]

Pizzas, rhubarb and a Monday treat

I’m a little behind at the moment, not because I haven’t been cooking (honest!), but because I haven’t been able to make my website work properly! Looking back to the past few weeks, I’ve made quite a few recipes from the River Cottage book, so I’ll do a little catch up from the start of […]

Recipe challenge week 3

Week 3 started with a big leftover roast chicken to play with. The roast was great but I always love making meals out of the leftover meat. Lunch on Monday (and Tuesday, and maybe Wednesday) was a chicken and couscous salad with toasted almonds and lots of parsley. Mid-week saw the surprising addition of pheasant […]

A new challenge for 2017

I think I said when I first got the book that I would work my way through it and make all of the recipes from it. It’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted to do and just never got round to. ‘River Cottage Everyday’ is just the type of book that I go […]

Beetroot and chocolate cake

It would be a wrong of me not to have a chocolate and beetroot recipe on here wouldn’t it. This was originally planned as brownies, but I think it makes a better cake or loaf. The original recipe is one from River Cottage, but I’ve made a few changes along the way. The chocolate is […]