Vitamin D news from ISENC 2016

Once again I attended the International Sport and Exercise Nutrition Conference, this time as a PhD student running around with microphones, taking coats and packing bags. As with last year, and the year before, the speakers were brilliant, with experts flying in from Australia, America and elsewhere to talk in Newcastle. My outstanding lecture of […]

ISAK qualification

Well this took a long time in coming! Nice to receive this through Edinburgh Accies at the weekend. The rugby club were great in letting me practice on them, and I have been able to use my anthropometry skills throughout the season. I am hoping that my skills will also be useful in my research, […]

Nutritional considerations for basketball

Last week I headed west to Stirling to talk to the Stirling Knights basketball team (@Stirling_BBall) about their nutrition. It was really nice to be approached by the coach and to be able to help offer a more well-rounded knowledge base to compliment their training programmes. Stirling Knights compete at national level and they are […]

Meadowlark Healthy for Sport open day, Saturday 9th Jan

On Saturday 9th Jan, Meadowlark Healthy for Sport will be opening their doors from 10.15am until 2.30pm for free sessions on a variety of therapies offered at the clinic. Sign up for the presentations using this link or pop down to Argyle Place for free taster sessions during the day. The current programme is as […]

Healthy for Sport Q&A

I have been resident sports nutritionist at Meadowlark Healthy for Sport since its inception back in March. MHFS is the perfect ‘one stop shop’ for everything sports related and has the added bonus of being associated with a fantastic yoga studio, Meadowlark. At the healthy for sport clinic you can see a sports doctor, physiotherapist, […]

SENr showcase, Murrayfield

A couple of Fridays ago I had the pleasure of attending a day of talks hosted by the British Dietetic Association and the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). Some of the best sports/performance nutritionists, all in one room. We had presentations from key researchers in protein requirements, omega 3s and hydration, the nutrition team […]

Crossfit Murrayfield nutrition talk

A big thank you to Crossfit Murrayfield for having me across to chat about nutrition. I haven’t done a lot of Crossfit, just the odd class here and there, but I really enjoy the workout and sense of community. A lot of online advice about “nutrition for Crossfit” alludes to a strict ‘Zone diet’ or […]

Cherry Active – what the research says

There is a flurry of excitement around Montmorency cherries at the moment, with lots of research looking into their benefits to health and recovery after sport. I’ve written a little about free radicals and antioxidants before and it is mostly this area that cherry juice works wonders. Montmorency cherries are one of the richest sources […]

Nutrition workshop, Scottish Swimming youth squad

Last weekend I jumped on the train to Aberdeen to deliver a sports nutrition workshop for the Scottish Swimming youth gold squad. 20 young swimmers from 14 clubs across the country attended the 2-day training camp at the Aberdeen sports village. The camp was centred around the upcoming competition at the Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh in […]

Hitting your protein requirements

For the average (sedentary) person, hitting recommended daily protein intakes is relatively easy and requires little thought. Protein requirements for the average population are around 0.8g per kg body mass, achievable by some chicken in a sandwich at lunch and a meat-based evening meal. For those who train daily, have active jobs, or are looking […]