10 wonders of garlic

garlicThe ten wonders of garlic

1. vasodilator
2. anti-coagulant
3. reduces cholesterol
4. anti-fungal
5. immune support
6. anti-parasitic
7. decongestant
8. anti-histamine
9. repels insects
10. detoxifier

Especially rich in sulphur, iodine, selenium, B complex and amino acids.

Eat some parsley after eating garlic for those obvious issues, it acts as a de-odouriser!

Parsley reduces odour from garlic

Parsley reduces odour from garlic

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    • I have been racking my brains for this one! Probably to do with the vasodilation increasing blood flow to the brain and maybe the decongestant action clearing nasal passages and the throat. I have never heard of garlic sending you to sleep!

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