At home with Honey and Co

Honey and Co. are the loveliest couple and they are currently on a wee tour of Britain to promote their latest book “at home”. I was lucky enough to catch them at Mainstreet Trading Company in St Boswells, where they hold lots of events and have the most wonderful book shop and cafe.

This husband and wife team started Honey and Co in London, and have since branched out to Honey and Spice, a little deli, and Honey and Smoke, a middle eastern grill house, all just down the road from each other. Worth getting off the tube at Warren Street for a visit when you’re in London!

They are funny, friendly and fantastic chefs, and told us all about their days running around between their 3 businesses. Most importantly, they cooked up a storm from their book. On the menu was ‘smoked fish doughnuts’ (now renamed beignets as Itamar hates their name!) and ‘arayes’, a delicious street food with spiced mince and pitta. We finished off with Sarit’s vanilla and sumac shortbread, which was just great.

I came away wanting to explore my spice cupboards and cook everything from the book. So I think they did what they came to do. Lunch the next day was the arayes that we wanted to have a go at making. Pitta breads are so cheap in the supermarkets, but of course it would be even better to make them yourself. These arayes are a middle eastern burger of sorts, but the mince is cooked inside the pitta pocket.

They need a lot of spices, but when they make your kitchen smell so good, why on earth not! One really nice thing in the book is that they suggest things to do with those leftover spices that you bought for a recipe then never used again. My kind of people.

You need a hot grill and some olive oil once you have assembled your arayes, and cook until charred and crispy and the mince is cooked through.

Tahini goes really nicely with them, and Honey and Co suggest a tomato salad. They’re delicious either way. Next up to try is the sumac shortbread!

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