Going bananas

photo 2(1)Where would we be without bananas! They are the perfect pre- and post-workout snack, so often given out at sporting events as the go-to energy boost.

Bananas are pretty easy on the stomach, so good for grabbing a mouthful during a race or for having if you’ve left it a little late to eat before a workout. They are so great after a race or workout because of their hefty hit of potassium, which is known to help recovery by easing cramp. The average medium banana contains 12% of your daily recommended intake of potassium.

They also pack a dose of vitamin B6, which is good for the metabolism, balancing hormones and keeping skin healthy.

Bananas are a high carbohydrate food with lots of simple sugars to give you that boost before a race but they are actually a low glycaemic index food due to their fibre content. A medium banana contains around 3g of fibre, regulating speed of digestion and releasing the sugars gradually. So the perfect source of fast and slow-release energy! A riper banana will have more simple sugars and will release energy quicker than a greener banana.

Bananas are easy to incorporate into snacks if you don’t like eating them by themselves (I’ll admit I am easily put off by an overripe banana that has been sitting in my bag too long!) Try these banana bran muffins, granola bars or healthy banana loaf. Great on toast with nut butter or sliced onto porridge for a healthy energy boost in the morning.

banana cake

banana bran

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