It’s Christmas!

I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! If there is one message I took from the international sport and exercise nutrition conference I attended last week, it was the importance of maintaining muscle mass with ageing. As we get older it gets harder to keep our muscles strong and keep our fat mass down but it is one thing that can reduce the risk of disease such as type 2 diabetes and improve survival after hospital admittance in the elderly. One study showed that muscle mass can reduce by 1.2kg after a week of bed rest in hospital. Just go to the supermarket and try to buy 1.2kg of meat and see how much it looks!

So I’m not going to be one of those telling you what to avoid at Christmas and how to fill yourself up before going into your Christmas meals. Have a little of what you fancy, or even a lot if you wish, but one thing I will say is to EXERCISE!!! Christmas day comes but once a year and we know we all eat a little more than usual; just increase your activity levels to go along with it. Do it however you wish, I’m not going to tell you how but just do it!

More to come on muscle mass, muscle wastage and protein to come I’m sure, but for now, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

bottle green

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