It may just seem like a humble spice that goes in your curry, but it’s a powerhouse of nutrients.

Turmeric rootOne teaspoon of turmeric provides 26% of your daily manganese requirements, 16% of your iron, 5% of your potassium, and 3% of your vitamin C.

The active substance in turmeric believed to hold many health benefits is curcumin, a phytochemical. It has shown to have positive effects on digestion, inflammation, heart health and brain health. It is worth bearing in mind that benefits of compounds such as these will usually only come from large and concentrated doses, which the average person adding it to their lattes isn’t likely to consume. The evidence is good though, showing that this funny looking root does do some good. If you have some lying around your cupboards, considering chucking it into a few dishes.

Add turmeric to spiced soups or marinades for chicken. One of my favourite sandwich fillings when I was younger was chicken breast, natural yoghurt, diced peppers, curry powder and turmeric – delicious! A take on coronation chicken I suppose, without the mayo and raisins.

Another of my favourites is yellow rice, which you can find the recipe for here…guess where it gets its colour from?

yellow rice

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