Nuts about nutella

hazelnutsI may have put a little bit of nutella in my porridge this morning, just because it’s the weekend and because hazelnuts are the official nut of Oregon!

If it is hazelnuts you are after, I wouldn’t recommend delving into a tub of nutella to get them, just buy them whole. They keep better than many other nuts because they contain less fat and their vitamin E acts as a preservative. Their vitamin E content is very high; it acts as an antioxidant, keeping the skin and heart healthy and boosting the immune system. Hazelnuts are also particularly rich in potassium, which can help people with high blood pressure and acts as a diuretic. Their magnesium content helps heart health and can contribute to bone strength.

hazelnutsAs with most nuts, hazelnuts are a good source of soluble fibre, protein and monounsaturated fats, which can improve the blood cholesterol level and aid digestion. They also contain beta-sitosterol, a plant fat that can help reduce an enlarged prostate and is also a cholesterol-lowering compound.

Hazelnuts are, however, low in the essential amino acid lysine, but if eaten with legumes e.g. beans and lentils they combine to provide a complete protein source.

Hazelnuts are a great nut on their own and provide around 188kcal, 18.2g fat, 4.5g protein and 2.9g fibre per 30g. I would like to reiterate that I wouldn’t recommend eating a tub of nutella for your 30g of hazelnuts, but if you do, do it in style……P1000772


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