Yolking around – the humble egg

IMG_0281A lot of people avoid eggs because of their “high cholesterol”. Today I am studying cholesterol homeostasis, the interaction between cholesterol made in the body and that taken in by the diet. Ingesting cholesterol, from egg yolks for example, leads to cholesterol entering the cells, which in turn suppresses cholesterol synthesis i.e. the body maintains a healthy level of cholesterol by reducing the amount of cholesterol produced in the liver when cholesterol is ingested through the diet. Dietary cholesterol within a normal range of 100-400mg per day has a very small impact on blood levels.

Therefore, providing you have a healthy metabolism, a couple of eggs a day is not going to raise your cholesterol levels. One egg yolk contains around 150-250mg of cholesterol. However, a small percentage of people have an increased susceptibility to dietary cholesterol and saturated fat can increase the blood-raising effect of dietary cholesterol, so bear both these in mind.

Your body is smarter than you think, have faith and get some dippy eggy soldiers on the go! Asparagus is eggcelent…..

I also call one of my favourite dishes dippy eggs, it’s delicious

Dippy eggs


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