5×50 challenge

5x50 challengeWho’s up for a challenge? Everyone says they’ll do yoga every day, or go for a run, or stop eating sugar, but motivating ourselves to do it is a real challenge. I find that I tell myself I’ll do something but unless there is something or someone pushing me to do it, it’s almost a no go! That’s why giving up something for lent is a good way to kick a habit and why group events and challenges often work better than doing it yourself.

This year I’ve signed up to the 5×50 challenge. My new clinic, Meadowlark Healthy for Sport, have signed up as a team to complete 50 days of our chosen challenge. The 5×50 challenge is simply a commitment to doing something active everyday for 50 days.

There are 5 options:

  • movers – complete 5k distance by jogging, running, rowing, cycling etc every day
  • half-hours – complete a minimum of 30 minutes of activity/exercise every day, yoga, weight lifting, running etc. etc.
  • pairs – 2 people split the challenge to cover 5k, so each person does 25 days
  • teams – 5 people cover 1k per day
  • builders – build up from 1 minute of activity per day to 50 minutes by the end of the challenge

So there is something for everyone! Now, I’m not a yogi, I tend to get bored and am very inflexible, but I’m hoping that signing up to do 30 minutes of yoga every day for 50 days will spur me into more regular practice. Particularly as I am just about to embark on a business venture with a yoga studio!

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland have just been named as one of the chosen charities, which is such a worthwhile cause. All you need to do is visit the 5×50 website linked at the top, pledge a donation, chose a team (you can join me in the meadowlarkhealthyforsport team!) and chose your challenge. It kicks off this Sunday (29th).

What will you do to bring a little activity into your day?

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