A Sicilian foodie adventure

I’ve checked Sicily off the list now. It’s been somewhere I’ve wanted visit for a long time, mostly after reading the Inspector Montalbano books by Andrea Camilleri. I can’t deny that most of the time my reason for wanting to visit a country or city is for the food, and Montalbano is just as interested in his lunch as he is solving a crime. The Sicilian food is described so well that it’s hard to resist.

We visited the bustling markets in Palermo, and the more laid-back seafront restaurants in Cefalu – a little seaside town about an hour from Palermo.

Sicily is known for its street food and we didn’t miss out. Think arancini, fried squid, and spleen sandwiches. Yup, spleen sandwiches, definitely a first.

Most street foods in Palermo are quite heavily fried, but grab some caponata wherever you can. It’s a delicious aubergine and tomato dish that I made at home a while back – you can find a recipe here.

Of course we had wonderful pasta and seafood in Cefalu. We were also lucky enough to have a terrace BBQ where we were staying, which we made full use of with an unidentified fish.

The pasta was some of the best I’ve had and I filled up on fresh seafood at every opportunity. They even put squid ink in the pizza dough!

One of the best bits was morning routine of the fruit and veg truck that went round Cefalu’s streets, with the man behind the wheel bellowing what was on offer in a completely unintelligible voice.

All in all it was the most wonderful trip, and I’d thoroughly recommend Sicily’s foodie treats. We probably wouldn’t rush back to Palermo, but Cefalu was just perfect.

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