Are you getting enough vitamin D?

Everyone in the UK is currently going through an unprecedented time of lock down due to the coronavirus pandemic, which requires us to stay at home and only go out when necessary and for one exercise bout per day. Normally, as we hit April and the sun starts to shine more – sometimes even in Scotland – being out and about allows us to make vitamin D from the sun. Around 15-20 minutes of sun exposure per day is required to make vitamin D, and in the UK this is possible from April to September when sunlight levels are high enough. At other times of the year it is recommended to take a vitamin D supplement of 10 micrograms per day. You can get this from a vitamin D supplement on its own or in the form of a multivitamin.

If you have a garden and are able to be outside during the day at the moment then you are likely to be making enough vitamin D, but for those inside for the majority of the day, it might be worthwhile prolonging your winter vitamin D supplement until the restrictions have been lifted. I have already written a post on vitamin D supplementation, which you can find here. There are also NHS guidelines on supplementing with vitamin D

I hope you are keeping safe and well and have managed to get a little April sunshine. Next time you are at the supermarket or shopping online, consider putting a vitamin D supplement in your basket.



Getting some vitamin D this time last year in Arisaig

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