Dim Sum

There’s a great little spot in Newcastle, tucked away in Chinatown, for a quick and delicious lunch. iNoodle.

I’m sure I’ve had ‘dim sum’ before (traditionally small bite-sized portions served in steamer baskets), and I’m always a fan of dumplings, but something new was the steamed pork buns that I had last time I went. Beautifully light and the dumplings were to die for. We asked how the buns were made and it’s the same mixture (flour and water) as the dumplings but with a little baking powder to make them airy. They are like a cross between a dumpling and a light bread.

Dim sumI think iNoodle’s unique selling point is their hand-pulled noodles, which you can watch the chef prepare. It looks effortless and your noodle dish is ready in a matter of minutes. The seafood noodles are fantastic, full of squid, scallops and huge juice prawns.

hand-pulled noodlesWell worth a wander into town at lunchtime – you won’t regret it!


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