The mid-afternoon slump

Isn’t it a nuisance. That post-lunch dip that gets you reaching for the biscuit or chocolate bar. But step away my friend, and have a think about what you are having for your lunch. There are things you can do here to prevent that energy failure and make your afternoons much more productive. If you are in training for something or have a heavy workout planned for after work, I would recommend having something more substantial in the afternoon to fuel your session, like a wholemeal bagel with banana or oatcakes and nut butter. Try out the recipe for cashew nut butter here. To keep you fuller throughout the afternoon, make sure to add some lean, good-quality protein to your lunch – it is the most satiating macronutrient.

I contributed to a little article for the s1 jobs blog that was published last week. Have a look at my tips for beating the post-lunch slump and fuelling for a day at the office.

Nutrition in the workplace is something that I am very interested in and I believe that employers should be paying attention to their canteens and vending machines to ensure that nutritious food is available. By encouraging their staff to eat healthier at lunchtime, they should not only see an improvement in productivity during the day but also a reduction in sick days. If good food is not always available at work, try packing your own lunch rather than heading for a shop-bought sandwich. Try out these salad jars for lunchtime or banana bran muffins to fuel your afternoon.

Energy bites

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