I’m not a chef, so I don’t create recipes from scratch very often (if ever) but I love to cook and bake and try out new recipes. I’m very fond of my recipe book shelf, and my collection grows every year, to the point I might actually have to start finding other places for the books. The more I learn about food, the more experimental I become in the kitchen, substituting in ingredients that might make the recipe a bit healthier, or just to suit my tastes. I like to write down some recipes I’ve enjoyed, so that’s what you’ll find here, as well as some that might help with making healthier choices, or fuel exercise and support recovery. There are some gluten-free and dairy-free recipes if you look hard, although they aren’t something I stick to, and also some vegetarians options that I like, but again, I’m not a vegetarian. All in all I think there’s something for everyone, so have a gander if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Here are some of my favourites but browse the blog and tabs if you are after something more specific…

Breakfast: ricotta hot cakes

Snacks: energy balls

Mains: dippy eggs, barley-stuffed chicken

Soups: courgette, basil and parmesan

Bready things: flatbreads (I use these for fajitas, amongst many other things)



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