A great curry and a first attempt at sourdough

Middle of March already, goodness. It must have been a good few weeks ago that I attempted my first sourdough starter. I used wholemeal bread flour, added a little water, and let it do its thing. The starter began fermenting very quickly, helped along by the wholemeal I’m told. I fed the starter for about 10 days and was going to make my first loaf in a terrible oven with no real equipment, but a trip home to the Borders meant that I could take my dough home to all the kit in dad’s bread kitchen. My dough got the full treatment of proving drawer and basket, steam in the oven, and strategically placed slashes in the top, and it came out looking almost like I hadn’t made it!

You could tell it was pretty healthy and could do with a little practice to make it lighter, but all in all I’m pleased with my first sourdough.

That night I made the lamb and squash curry from River Cottage and it really was good. I think what made it was the addition of chutney (you can use any kind you like), as it added some sweetness that I think really worked. The butternut squash is a good way to bulk up the curry and adds another texture. Something I’ll be making again I’m sure.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been eating a lot of eggs recently and I wanted to try something different. The recipe for egg tartare caught my eye, so I made it one evening as a light dinner. Capers, gherkins and spring onions all added to boiled and chopped eggs, with a dollop of mayonnaise and a hint of mustard. I added some radishes, but because I like them, and a squirt of tomato ketchup instead of tabasco sauce.

I sat the tartare on top of some toasted sourdough and had a little salad on the side. Leftovers for lunch really made my day a little better.

Finally, some baking. My flatmate’s birthday called for some homemade goodies, so I tried out the fudge recipe. It calls for a sugar thermometer so grab one of those if you can (also handy for jam and Scottish tablet!).

Fudge in the making

The fudge definitely could have been firmer, maybe I just didn’t beat it quite hard enough at the end, but it tasted lovely. I went for the vanilla option but there are endless possibilities for additions.

Homemade fudge

It made for a nice little gift if you are ever after something a bit different. I would just suggest making sure the sugar has totally dissolved and beat it hard at the end!

As always, all recipes came from River Cottage Everyday, as I slowly but surely work my way through it.

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