A winning dish so far

Last week I made 2 recipes from the River Cottage Everyday book. One turned into a quick, mid-week dinner and the other was a slow and lazy weekend treat.

I had a lot of parsley kicking around so I opted for a parsley pesto to jazz up my pasta. Brown bread crumbs, cheese, garlic and olive oil all whizzed up with the parsley made for a really nice sauce. Toasting the breadcrumbs before added a nice crunch to the dish and the cheese melted into the pasta, which was a nice touch. A slightly different take on the traditional pesto, but a great way to use up some ingredients.

I grated some more cheese on top of my tagliatelle (obviously), and served with fried mushrooms.

Next up involved a Saturday trip to Grainger Market in Newcastle. A wonderful market space filled with butchers, fresh fruit and veg, a creperie, and pretty much everything else you could want.

We picked up some beef shin from the butchers, a cheap and delicious cut of meat, and with a couple of other ingredients in hand, headed home for a lazy afternoon.

Dinner was slow-cooked shin of beef with soy and ginger, served with noodles. All Asian-inspired, all tasty. We browned the beef then left it cooking in apple juice and soy, which turned into an excellent sauce and left the meat really tender. I had some carrots kicking about so threw them in too, and we cooked it all on a low heat on the hob instead of in the oven, simply because I didn’t have a suitable roasting dish.

The resulting meal tasted great, and we served it with some stir-fried spring cabbage. A winner so far in this recipe challenge!


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