Back to some Sunday baking

I didn’t do much food shopping this week. It was time to clear out some things in the freezer as it was getting a bit busy in there and I never like to leave things sitting in there for too long. I realised this week that the frittata nicoise doesn’t freezer very well; it was all a bit soggy in the end.

Anyway, during my freezer forage I found some nice sausages. Not chipolatas like a River Cottage recipe required, but I used them in it anyway. It was a lunchbox recipe, but I made it first for dinner and had leftovers for lunch the next day. I think the mustard dressing made it, but the lunchbox was made up of sausages, new potatoes and cherry tomatoes. It was a simple lunch, but very tasty.

It was back to Edinburgh for the weekend and we tried out a restaurant/bar in Canonmills called The Other Place. Its USP was “American comfort food” and they had a huge selection of craft ales and beers. Think nachos and macaroni cheese alongside burgers and hotdogs, all washed down with a nice pint.

I hadn’t baked in a while, so chose the honey wholemeal cake from the River Cottage book for Sunday afternoon. I didn’t have any wholemeal self-raising flour so I went with white – a little less healthy but it is a cake anyway.

It was a fantastically moist cake, perhaps because of the ground almonds, and the honey was just a topping that was allowed to trickle in.

All in all very hard to stop eating, so I should have made it with more than just two people around.


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