Beetroot dip

beetroot dip Beetroot makes a wonderfully bright and tasty dip that is very quick and easy to do, and super healthy.

It is betalains that gives beetroot its deep purple-red colour. They are potent antioxidants quite unique to beetroot, but work in a similar way to the anthocyanins that give things like red cabbage, blueberries and plums their bright colour. Beetroot is also rich in nitrates, which breakdown into something in the body called nitric oxide, which can help to widen blood vessels and reduced blood pressure. Clever stuff. Now let’s whizz it up and dip crisps in it.

4 ready-cooked beetroot

leaves from 3 thyme sprigs

1 tsp caraway seeds

3 tbsp creme fraiche or naturalĀ  yoghurt (I used half and half cream cheese and natural yoghurt just because that’s what was in the fridge!)

1 tbsp horseradish (optional)

Blitz everything in a food processor, spoon into a dish and serve with whatever delights you choose. Great with rye bread, carrot sticks, pitta bread etc. etc….

beet dip board

Great with some warm pitta

Things can get messy

Things can get messy

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