Breakfast smoothie

Ready-made smoothies are often full of sugar and packed with too much fruit without its fibre goodness. This smoothie just contains some of the best breakfast ingredients blitzed together into a thick milkshake-esque drink, great for those naughty people who eat breakfast on the run.

thickie ingred 1 banana, nice and ripe

a handful of porridge oats

a good glug of milk, depending on how thick you like your smoothie – I use cow’s milk, but I’m sure almond milk would be pretty tasty here

Blitz everything together until smooth and at a consistency you like, pour and go, simple! I like putting some raisins in the top because I always put them on my porridge, they add a nice sweetness too.

I also make a lower carbohydrate, higher protein version of this, which replaces the oats with a scoop of whey. I use chocolate flavoured whey, which makes the smoothie feel very luxurious.

banana oat smoothieI say breakfast smoothie, but I just made this in the middle of the day to keep me going through until the evening while cheering for the rugby, COME ON SCOTLAND!!!

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