Fish frenzy

I must admit that I’m not a huge fish eater. I rarely order it in a restaurant (meat is always first choice) and I don’t cook it often enough. Tinned mackerel is probably the most common fishy offering, but I can’t claim mackerel on toast as a recipe go to.

Seafood is my absolute favourite, but again, it’s not something I’ll have at home all the time.

Here’s where the River Cottage Everyday challenge comes into its own. Three new fish/seafood recipes in 7 days. I have to say that I didn’t like one of them, but only because I’ve had my mind set against kippers for all long as I can remember!

I started with something a little less bony, breaded brill with tomato salsa. I felt very fancy with my flour, egg and breadcrumbs all laid out ready to whip something up. It reminded me of breading brie wedges when I worked in the local pub.

I went for brill because it was cheap and different.

Next up was one of the recipes that caught my eye from the off, although I imagine it’s supposed to turn out a little different to how mine did! Salt and pepper squid rings, a winner every time. I popped down to the fishmongers below the flat, somewhere I don’t go nearly often enough, and practically cleared them out of their squid. I made a little starter with some dips, then used the rest to make squid linguine.

It looks a total mess, but it was damn tasty. Dipping the squid in both the mayonnaise and chilli dip was heaven.

Lastly, kippers and crushed new potatoes. I’m a real child about bones, and just can’t enjoy a meal when I’m having to constantly pull things out of my teeth. I used loads of parsley and lemon and it all tasted ok, not something I’ll do again though. If you are looking for a cheap and healthy meal though, 92p kipper fillets and some potatoes – you’re in.



Lashings of parsley, of course.

It kind of looks like the picture, right?!

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