Is it still summer?


Last time I checked it was still August, so I’m still on the salads.

I opted for a more substantial ‘salad’ for my dinner a few nights ago, or as the boy liked to call it, a “side”.

Broccoli, chorizo and soft boiled eggs – winner.

I don’t often boil broccoli these days, I much prefer it roasted or fried. All it needed was a little oil from the chorizo on this one.

Sticking with the summery theme, I made a dead quick and easy pea soup for lunch one weekend, paired with some homemade (not by me) Irish wheaten bread, which was lovely.

Frozen peas work really well in here, just don’t over-boil it all, or it’ll lose its vivid green.

This week’s lunches have been really tasty, with a big batch of tabula kesir made up at the start of the week. The recipe calls for bulghur wheat (although says that couscous it just as good), but, quite frankly, couscous is about half the price of bulghur so I went for it.

The dressing is great – tomato puree, lemon juice, spices, olive oil – and really livens it up. Loads of parsley is necessary, as always.

 I added some capers, just because I like them with tomatoes. I added some green leaves and various protein sources this week, and lunch was set. I recommend halloumi.

Now to baking! I put together a little collection of foodie things as a gift, and thought I’d try out the digestive biscuit recipe. It’s good in that the amount of sugar is based on personal preference and, I suppose, what you intend on doing with the biscuits. Mine were destined to be topped with cheese, but I’d add more sugar for a proper dunking digestive.

I went slightly off recipe as I didn’t have any wholemeal flour and didn’t have time to shop, so white flour it was. All in all they worked really well and it made a big batch despite me halving the recipe. Perhaps a little longer in the oven next time.

Finally, this gift hamper was served with a big slice of cake. Carrot cake. Topped with a cream cheese and lime icing, much to the boy’s dismay (he ate his words, and the cake).

I like the consistency of carrot cake when it uses oil instead of butter, and it stays moist a lot longer. I think we were still eating it well into the following week!

As always, all the recipes I’m trying out are from River Cottage Everyday. I’m slowly but surely getting through it.

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