Onion bhajis on a Saturday afternoon

This recipe challenge has certainly taken me out of my cooking comfort zone and also allowed me to use up those random ingredients that have been sitting in the back of the cupboard. A half-empty bag of gram flour? Let’s make bhajis!

It must come as a bit of a shock when I go the shop to buy the boy’s and my favourite lunch of picnic picky foods, and come back saying I’m going to make bhajis, but I think we are getting a bit more used to it. I’m sure they didn’t come out quite as they were supposed to, but the spring onion bhajis with radish raita certainly filled a hole. The batter was just gram flour and plain flour mixed up with water and a few spices, then all combined with sliced spring onions and fried. I think the radish raita was my favourite bit – a really fresh side of sliced radishes, yoghurt and mint.

That day we were heading home for Fathers’ Day, so I got started on a sticky ginger cake. I was slightly taken aback by the amount of sugar from various sources (golden syrup, black treacle and muscovado) but it made a bloomin’ good cake and nice for an occasion. The stem ginger added little pockets of goodness and of course it was great spread with butter like a good gingerbread should be.

Definitely a cake to make again when looking for something that lasts a bit longer, and I need to use up all that black treacle that’s now sitting in the cupboard….

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