Socca Sundays

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Anyone looking for a wholesome, easy, gluten-free pizza base should try this. Socca is a pancake or crepe made with chickpea flour originating from Nice, France. The chickpea flour is nutty and flavourful and makes a lovely pizza base or appetizer to dunk into dips. What’s more it is gluten-free and vegan if you’re into that!

It is made using a very simple recipe of equal parts of chickpea flour and water, then you can add whatever you like to jazz it up a bit. To make 2 pizza bases:

200g chickpea flour

200ml water

pinch of salt

glug of olive oil

pinch of herbes de provence or any other dried herbs like oregano or even some spices

Whisk together the chickpea flour, water, herbs, salt and olive oil in a small bowl. Set aside and leave for 30 minutes to allow the flour to absorb the water. Meanwhile, prepare your pizza toppings. Whip up a quick tomato sauce or pesto to spread over the base and go wild with toppings. Mozzarella and capers is a good combination and mushrooms and peppers are always a winner. Heat a frying pan with some oil and when the batter has rested, pour a ladleful into the pan and swirl around like you are making a pancake. Cook for a few of minutes on each side. When the base has set and browned on each side, add your toppings and pop under a hot grill for 5 minutes or so until everything starts bubble and the socca starts to crisp.

Remove from the grill, slice up and serve with a nice fresh salad. Voila!

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