Some fancy eggs and soldiers

Eggs are a bit of a go-to for a quick dinner for me, as I’m sure they are for many people. I’ve had a few failed attempts at a hollandaise recently (after getting it spot on first time), so when the River Cottage book suggested eggs and soldiers with a twist I had to try it.

The soldiers took the form of asparagus spears, and a little butter and white wine vinegar added to a runny yolk made for a hollandaise-type affair. Pretty good I’d say.

I try to get my omega 3 from oily fish, normally opting for salmon or tinned mackerel, but I went for a smoked mackerel pate this time. I forgot to buy dill so the colour is lacking a little, but I added lots of lemon juice so the taste was great.

Another of the recipes that had been on my radar from the start was a chicken pasty. Crispy pastry, creamy chicken, and I went for courgette instead of leeks. I could do with perfecting my crimping…

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