The final frittata

Just a mini one today while I catch up after a lovely trip to Italy last week. Yes, the food was glorious.

The third of the frittata recipes in the River Cottage Everyday was frittata nicoise. Now, I’m not a big potato fan, especially in places where I feel they don’t belong (curries). However, I stuck to the recipe on this one, adding sliced boiled potatoes to tuna, black olives, green beans and spring onions and combining with beaten eggs. It turned out much nicer than I imagined, and made a really hefty and filling frittata.

It fitted well into my lunchbox and I made some two-root slaw a couple of days later that went nicely with it.

I opted for carrot and beetroot, as I often have beetroot coming out of my ears at the moment.

Sticking with the nicoise, another lunchbox treat was the sardine salad, using almost the same ingredients as the frittata. Always nice when you’re like me and hate wasting food. I sometimes find tinned sardines a little hard to stomach, but the lemon juice and crunchy beans really helped.

To sweeten it all up a little I took some lemon curd cupcakes into work. Still to this day I have never mastered the muffin, with mine always turning out like a cupcake. So I’ll just keep pretending that they were supposed to be cupcakes.

Lovely when you get a little blob of curd. I jazzed mine up a little with some lemon icing, the kind that you’d find trickled over a lemon drizzle.


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