The perfect roast pork belly and potatoes

Let’s get the bad one out of the way first. The spiced fig compote didn’t taste as nice as it sounded. The recipe said to soak the dried figs for a couple of hours beforehand, but this seemed to leech all of the taste out of the figs. And even though I used the soaking liquid in the rest of the recipe, it just had a funny taste about it. Maybe I used the wrong kind of figs, but I don’t think I’ll try again.

Next up was something much tastier. Roast belly pork. With crackling. Delicious. We used bashed up fennel and coriander seeds on the skin of the pork and cooked until really crispy.

The boy and I have been trying to nail our roast potatoes and chips recently and I think we’ve cracked it. Just look at how crispy they are. We sprinkled over some polenta (a la The Hairy Bikers) before roasting in hot oil with garlic and rosemary, and they came out a treat.

The belly pork, as the River Cottage Everyday book says, is a very forgiving meat for roasting, meaning that you can crank up the heat and roast for longer if the crackling isn’t crisping up as you’d like. Our crackling did need this burst of heat but the meat underneath was no worse off for it. A really comforting roast for a Sunday, and doesn’t take too long to cook.

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