A week of rugby

With a little break in the Accies rugby season, I thought I would share a few pointers I have been giving the players recently to keep them on form. Most of the players are following (hopefully!) a general meal plan with indications of what to eat and when during a typical training or gym day. This includes the amount of protein and type of carbohydrate to have pre- and post-training. Rest days are tailored to individual goals, whether that be weight gain, weight loss, speed or strength.

Some other things to think about during the week are:

1) high intake of anti-inflammatory foods and antioxidants to minimise muscle damage and boost recovery

2) stocking up on immune system boosters

3) good snacks to keep energy levels up

4) hydration

5) oily fish intake – 2 portions per week

6) nutrient timing post-training to improve recovery time

If you are a rugby player looking for a bit of help with your nutrition for training and matches, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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