The Scottish breakfast

photoLast week I was asked to contribute a little bit of nutritional information about the Scottish breakfast for an article in the Scottish Sun. It was a follow-up feature on the breakfast that the athletes at the Commonwealth Games are tucking in to (apparently!) and whether or not it will be doing any good. The full Scottish has a bad reputation for being a fatty fry-up and is definitely something that should not be consumed every day. But if you have a look at the individual components that make up the breakfast, providing that they are cooked well, there is some good in there. Here’s what I wrote for the Sun….

eggs and asparagusEggs: high protein source for muscle recovery after both strength and endurance sports, opt for poached or scrambled

Bacon: with fat cut off, is a good source of protein for muscle recovery (not a good idea to have every day!)

Link and square sausage: protein source for muscle recovery if they have a high meat content, be careful of high fat content. Sausages in a cooked breakfast are something we can really do without
Toast: quick-release energy source for short bursts of activity or to replace muscle glycogen after strenuous exercise. Good source of fibre if you opt for wholemeal bread
Baked beans: slow-release form of carbohydrate for more sustained energy. Also rich in fibre and a good protein source for vegetarian athletes
Black/white/fruit pudding: these are a source of protein and quick release carbohydrate, especially the fruit pudding with currants. Can be high fat so not recommended every day!
tomatoesGrilled tomato: source of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals produced during exercise. Especially good grilled as the antioxidant lycopene is more active in cooked tomatoes
Mushrooms: low-fat source of B vitamins that help release energy from food
Haggis: protein source for muscle recovery and the oatmeal in haggis will provide a slow release source of carbohydrate. Watch out for high fat!
Potato scone: another source of fast-acting carbohydrate for an immediate energy source. Potato is a good source of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant
They missed this last bit out but I gave a shout out to the best Scottish breakfast of all for endurance exercise…porridge!
You can find a recipe for tattie scones here and find out a bit more about tomatoes here!
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