Almonds are an ideal snack, packed with goodness. In snacking terms, almonds take a long time to digest so keep hunger at bay, great for people watching their weight. The slow digestion time is due to the high content of monounsaturated fats, a fat that is good for arterial and heart health. Almonds are extremely […]

Nuts about nutella

I may have put a little bit of nutella in my porridge this morning, just because it’s the weekend and because hazelnuts are the official nut of Oregon! If it is hazelnuts you are after, I wouldn’t recommend delving into a tub of nutella to get them, just buy them whole. They keep better than […]

Toatly oats

Oats are one of the best grains to keep the heart and arteries healthy. They have been proven to help lower bad fat due to their healthy fat content and they are also rich in soluble fibre, which helps maintain a healthy circulatory and digestive system. Also a good source of B vitamins, vitamin E, […]