Dippy eggs

Need a quick, light and healthy meal? Or a delicious brunch? Perfect for sharing? Here you go! Nutritious and protein-rich eggs on a bed of homemade tomato sauce, with some (preferably) homemade bread to dip in. Try baking some bread of your own with some of these recipes. Tomato sauce is really rich in the […]


These glossy red jewels are rosehips, and you can find them in abundance in the hedgerows right now. A bit tricky to pick from their spiky bush and things can get a little sticky, but totally worth it for the beautiful red syrup you can make from them, bursting with vitamin C. Rosehips are one […]

From my head to-ma-toes

Tomatoes are our major source of dietary lycopene, an antioxidant that fights heart disease and may help to prevent prostate cancer Salicylates, contained mostly in the seeds, have an anticoagulant effect and the peel is richer in nutrients than the flesh Lycopene is more active in cooked tomatoes than raw and is better absorbed if […]