Healthy for Sport Q&A

I have been resident sports nutritionist at Meadowlark Healthy for Sport since its inception back in March. MHFS is the perfect ‘one stop shop’ for everything sports related and has the added bonus of being associated with a fantastic yoga studio, Meadowlark. At the healthy for sport clinic you can see a sports doctor, physiotherapist, […]

Yoga recommendations – Hot Yin

(picture from This week I tried something new at Meadowlark yoga studio – hot yin. After doing the 5×50 challenge, which consisted of 30 minutes of yoga every day for 50 days, I’ve got quite into the habit of doing yoga and I have already noticed positive changes in my flexibility in even the […]

5×50 challenge

Who’s up for a challenge? Everyone says they’ll do yoga every day, or go for a run, or stop eating sugar, but motivating ourselves to do it is a real challenge. I find that I tell myself I’ll do something but unless there is something or someone pushing me to do it, it’s almost a […]


Last month I finished a 6-week beginner yoga course at Meadowlark studio in Marchmont run by the lovely Karen Breneman. Karen is the yoga ambassador for Sweaty Betty on George Street and takes their free yoga classes on a Monday evening at 6.15. You can find details here. Yoga is a great complimentary workout to […]