My top cookbooks of 2014

My recipe book shelf is filling up nicely. In fact, it is almost full and will soon be spreading out of the kitchen. I don’t use recipes for all of the meals I cook but I do love to read them to get inspiration and there is always a cook book sitting by my bed. […]

The courgetti craze

There’s not much that can beat spaghetti bolognese and my dad makes a cracker. I was sent back to the city with lots of leftover sauce and decided to give courgetti a try to go with it. I’ll admit I was dubious but it went down a treat. You really need one of those julienne […]

Lamb tagine

This lamb tagine is a lovely dish and not that hard to make! I made it for a dinner party and the timings work out well because you can cook it all the night before or morning of. You can find it in The Guardians top 10 stews. To serve 6 you will need: About […]

Tattie scones/potato farls

Since it’s Paddy’s weekend and a sunny Sunday in Scotland I thought I’d make some potato scones for breakfast (it is not at all that I seem to have a huge excess of potatoes at the moment). I saw the recipe in the Guardian yesterday and woke up thinking about them! Here’s how to make […]

Kale pesto

This is a lovely twist on traditional pesto and is still super quick to whip up. Dark green kale is the number one vegetable on the ORAC scale (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), so has the highest levels of antioxidants of all vegetables. Kale also contains more calcium and iron than any other vegetable and a […]