British Military Fitness

I’ve just finished my second session of British Military Fitness and I am thoroughly pooped. It is the one type of exercise that keeps my brain firing at all times and therefore doesn’t let me feel bored, even for a moment. I run a lot but sometimes feel a bit fed up and bored by […]

Nutrition for runners

Saturday saw me back in the borders and giving a talk to the running club I used to train with as a youngster. The Gala Harriers hold their annual presentation night at this time of year and I was asked to come along to give a little sports nutrition advice. I kicked off with a […]

Edinburgh Parkrun

It is parkrun day tomorrow! Every Saturday morning at 9.30am, rain or shine, a huge load of runners meet down at the waterfront at Cramond to run the 5K parkrun. It is completely flat and incredibly well organised for a free event. The 5K route is the perfect opportunity to work on your speed and […]

Interval training

Why? Most road runners, me included, do most or all of their training at a steady speed slower than race pace. Although this is good for endurance, it does not cause an adaptive response in the body because the body is already capable of this slower pace. Doing some training at a pace significantly faster […]

Pre-race nutrition tips for smashing a half marathon

I am doing my 2nd half marathon tomorrow and have been paying a bit closer attention to my nutrition than normal in the run-up to it to make sure I feel tip top going into the weekend. I’m usually able to run for about 2 hours without much of an energy top-up, just a couple […]


Last month I finished a 6-week beginner yoga course at Meadowlark studio in Marchmont run by the lovely Karen Breneman. Karen is the yoga ambassador for Sweaty Betty on George Street and takes their free yoga classes on a Monday evening at 6.15. You can find details here. Yoga is a great complimentary workout to […]