All about anthropometry

Last week I attended a level 1 training course in anthropometry to become accredited with the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, or ISAK to you and me. Anthropometry is “a simple reliable method for quantifying body size and proportions by measuring body length, width, circumference and skinfold thickness”. It can be used to […]

Interval training

Why? Most road runners, me included, do most or all of their training at a steady speed slower than race pace. Although this is good for endurance, it does not cause an adaptive response in the body because the body is already capable of this slower pace. Doing some training at a pace significantly faster […]

Pre-race nutrition tips for smashing a half marathon

I am doing my 2nd half marathon tomorrow and have been paying a bit closer attention to my nutrition than normal in the run-up to it to make sure I feel tip top going into the weekend. I’m usually able to run for about 2 hours without much of an energy top-up, just a couple […]