Federico Di Pace, cyclist:

“Tess has been incredible from start to finish, providing an extremely professional nutritional service. For our first appointment, she made the effort to meet in a coffee shop near my flat. I found Tess super competent and knowledgeable, putting things in plain and simple terms. After our meeting, not only she drew a nutritional plan for me that worked to perfection, but she then followed my progress for several weeks (giving further advise to fine-tune my diet).

When it comes to nutrition, you really want to be in her hands. I always thought that nutritionists were expensive but I found her services a terrific value for money. Tess gives top nutritional advice and, if you are seeking to improve your quality of life, you really want to have a meeting with her!”

Matthew Curry, long-distance runner:

“I am a keen fell runner. I was looking to improve my nutritional strategy pre and post race, and I felt I needed professional guidance of how best to approach races leading up and the days afterward.

I chose to contact Tess for a consultation as her website was clear in stating her qualifications and experience. I was impressed with Tess’s clarity in establishing a background and initial structure of the consultation. It was great to have an individualised plan that was focused on exactly where you wanted to progress. What I also liked was how Tess kept up to date with how the plan was progressing.

I feel that with the advice and nutritional guidance that Tess provided, particularly on the benefits of beetroot consumption, I have improved my race times and helped to shorten my recovery after those hard races. I also set a new personal best for the half marathon in September 2014 after following the pre race strategy that Tess recommended.

I would absolutely recommend Tess to others if they want clear, professional, and personalised advice in order to help achieve their goals. The various recipes are fantastic as well!”