British Military Fitness

I’ve just finished my second session of British Military Fitness and I am thoroughly pooped. It is the one type of exercise that keeps my brain firing at all times and therefore doesn’t let me feel bored, even for a moment. I run a lot but sometimes feel a bit fed up and bored by it so I often don’t get a lot out of a steady pace run. BMF however, had my muscles sore for days, which can only mean good things for how much it is pushing me. It is also a whole body workout and gets me out in the fresh air (and rain, and mud) for an hour. One of the best things about living where I do is the proximity to Inverleith park and it just so happens that BMF run classes there 3 times a week – win! They also run sessions in the Meadows (including running and mobility classes), Holyrood Park, Edinburgh Business Park and an indoor session at Flora Stevenson School.

But enough of me wittering on, check it out for yourself here

If you are looking to step up a gear with your fitness or are starting from scratch they cater for all abilities but will push you to your max – so be warned! Wrap up warm with gloves and hats and wear something quick drying, as you will have soggy knees and a wet bum right from the off.

Top tip: prepare your dinner before you leave as you will have a hard time chopping and finding the energy to cook afterwards! Showering the next day has also presented itself an issue after a hard upper body workout.

Get stuck in, I recommend it (or at least I do for now, I’ll let you know in a few more weeks…)

Inverleith Park

Inverleith Park

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