Running in the Pentlands

photo 1 At the moment my sister and I are training for the 7 reservoirs half marathon in the Pentland hills on the outskirts of Edinburgh and on Saturday we thought we would have a wee recce of the route as we didn’t much fancy getting lost in the hills! The organisers of the race (the Harmony Pentland Runners) provided us with a great set of directions and map of the route, which helped us find our way with no problems. There is also a little visitor centre by Harlaw Farm that has lots of handy maps.

The 13 mile route was lovely, lots of different terrains from cobbles to grassy hills and some rock hopping across rivers thrown in too. Only a couple of steep hills and some muddy bits so a worthwhile look for anyone fancying a long run round the Pentlands. Being able to check off the seven reservoirs as you pass them definitely helps take your mind off the running and reassure you that you are on the right path!

Unfortunately the rain started pretty heavily for the last 45 minutes but it sure made us run faster. Soaked to the bone and freezing cold we jumped in the car and headed back into town for coffee at Circle in Canonmills (still my favourite coffee in town). It then only just hit us that we’d accidentally run the full 13 miles in our training, it must have been the rain..


My first half marathon

My first half marathon

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